A close up on machined parts, showing the grain detail.

Mission & Recognition


Patriot Machine is a company of visionaries effectively integrating new technologies and continually improving operations so that the company can thrive in the aerospace machined parts and assembly market, while providing customers with safe, reliable products at a great value.


We at Patriot Machine, Inc. are driven by the desire to perform to the highest standards professionally, technically, and ethically. We will do this by creating, improving, and bettering every aspect of what we do. It is our desire to be an integral part, together with all our business associates, to develop ideas and a means to enhance the quality of life throughout the world.


Patriot Machine has been recognized for outstanding performance by The Boeing Company, Lockheed Space and Northrop Grumman with various awards received throughout the company’s history. Patriot takes pride in meeting and exceeding customer expectations for Quality and Delivery.