A Patriot Machine associate examining a hinge on a machined part for defects.


Patriot Machine’s assembly capabilities range from nut plate installations to enclosures. Our team of highly experienced Assembly Mechanics is well-versed with the installation of precision fasteners as well as bushings and bearings. We are trained in the application of sealants and adhesives, including Click Bond® fastening systems. Our robust procedure for FOD awareness, prevention, detection and elimination has proven effective in avoiding damage and ensuring our products’ safekeeping.

Patriot Machine has the resources to manage complex small and large assemblies. We develop sophisticated tools, jigs and fixtures accompanied by descriptive visual work instructions. Our success with complex assemblies begins at the programming stage where preparations are made to make the final assembly process seamless. Our management team and workforce have a rich variety of experience and work together as a team to complete complex assemblies in a rapid response mode.