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Project Management

Project Management

Patriot Machine is capable of autonomously planning, organizing and allocating resources to manage customer projects through completion for on time delivery.

The Patriot team takes extensive precautionary measures to analyze and remediate risk, and enhance performance, making us a low maintenance, best-value for our customers.

Our front office staff thoroughly refines our processes prior to full scale production. Before beginning production on a complex part, we prove out and inspect our process for perfection. Our upfront investment in program and project management saves us from the complications that might otherwise occur mid-production.

We use the latest Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage our data flow and to manage and track project schedules and required resources. Patriot extends the functionality of our ERP system with proprietary custom reports, specialized scheduling and risk analysis tools and special programming. Throughout the entire engineering, planning and production cycle for our customers’ products, the status and progress are constantly measured to proactively remediate any potential delays or cost over-runs.

Please contact us for a more comprehensive review of our project management and risk mitigation procedures.


Expedited Deliveries

Supporting delivery schedules is essential to the success of any supply chain. Patriot Machine is more than capable of handling the requirements to deliver with short lead-times, as the need arises.

Our production team works around the clock and is capable of dealing with the ebb and flow in production demands. With the power of our ERP system and our advanced scheduling tools and techniques, Patriot dynamically develops the delivery schedules and alternative solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Patriot Machine closely monitors our supply chain and key suppliers: their true capacity, capabilities and lead-times.  When needed, we work closely with them to realistically compress lead-times to the bare minimum, while carefully considering and minimizing the associative risk exposure.

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