Depicts the usage of an intramike to precisely measure holes in machined parts.


Patriot employs a team of inspectors that verify quality in-process and prior to shipment.

Post-machining, our parts are proven for accuracy by a refined, combined use of Valisys™ and PC-DMIS, an Ultra High Accuracy Hexagon Global S Chrome Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and/or Leica laser trackers.

CMM inspection is performed in a climate controlled environment where we measure complex geometric parts. To compress lead-time, we use Valisys™ and PC-DMIS to develop programs in advance. We also have two Leica laser trackers for inspection of any part exceeding the size of our CMM.

Patriot has extensive experience with ASME Y14.5M Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) requirements and is accustomed to using precision instruments for conventional measurements.

Machinists perform in-process measurements to assure machining process capabilities are maintained and completed per AS9102 requirements. We use Infinity QS Statistical Process Control (SPC) software to compare the specifications to the output and verify the process meets our customers’ statistical specifications.

Customer Specified Key Characteristics (KCs) are maintained per AS9103. First Article Inspections (FAIs) are completed and recorded per AS9102.